International Higher Education Curriculum Designer & Academic Leadership Society

Our Vision is to contribute through higher education to...

- Individual

- Families

- Communities

- Societies

Achieving aspirations for holistic well being, safety, and a positively
meaningful and continually improving quality of life.
 The IHECDALS Mission is to...
provide a professional cloak that will weave together


- Leadership

- Advocacy

- Challenge

- Encouragement


in order to support and promote and elevate higher education curriculum designers and academic leaders. IHECDALS will achieve its mission by sponsoring supportive activities that elevate philosophical awareness, theoretical options, ethical and moral conduct, research based and practice-based experienced higher education curriculum designers and academic leaders.

Guiding Principles:
- Equity
- Inclusion
- Respect
- Safety


Events in 2017

Discussion Dinners – Hamilton & Auckland

IHECDALS Committee Meeting - 21st March - 5pm
Hamilton New Zealand

IHECDALS AGM & Dinner Discussion - 10th April - 4:30pm
Hamilton New Zealand

IHECDALS Dinner Discussion - 27th September - 5:30pm
Auckland New Zealand

IHECDALS Symposia - 6th to 8th December
Hamilton New Zealand

3rd International Curriculum Design & Academic Leadership Symposia
Hamilton, New Zealand

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