About the IHECDALS Review

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The International Higher Education Curriculum Design & Academic Leadership Society views higher education sector qualifications and programmes as the key way by which western nations educate their future leaders, professionals and workers in a range of fields, professions and vocations. The design of higher education qualifications is therefore of national and global significance to the achievement of cultural, social, environmental and economic aspirations. It is our view that professionalisation and supports for those who carry out such work for the ‘greater good’ is critical.

This Review aims to promote understandings and advocate for the work and role of those who design higher education qualifications and programmes, that is, higher education curriculum designers and academic leaders. This review aims to advocate for and support those who guide and facilitate the implementation of professionally designed higher education qualifications and programmes, that is, higher education educational facilitators, academic managers and leaders. The roles identified work in partnership to implement the achievement of the learning outcomes embedded in qualifications and programmes. The quality of the work and roles identified are therefore pivotal in the successful implementation of quality higher education in our communities and nations. This review is dedicated to all those who undertake the work and roles identified.