About Us

New Zealand Curriculum Design Institute (NZCDI)

 has been providing higher education/academic support, programme design and implementation nationally and internationally to a wide range of education providers since 2006.

NZCDI has accredited programmes under New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and support organisations for approval and quality implementation.

We take full responsibility for the quality, and currency of our programmes and assist those who become our accredited partners to offer our programmes and to grow.

We custom design quality higher education and business sector qualifications, programmes, courses and training programmes for national and international education and business organisations.


We also provide the following professional services

- Governance, strategy and leadership coaching.
- Education and Business Consultant services in capacity research culture development for our higher education and corporate business sector clients.

Capacity building services include:
- Qualification implementation support
-Continuous improvement quality assurance systems
-Assessments & moderation
-Course documents and resource identification
-Student handbooks, programme regulations, qualification certification
- Professional tutor-lecturer-educational facilitator induction and professional development short courses,
- Monitoring/Review/Self-assessment & Evaluations
- Research and ethics system development and advice

Our Philosophy

NZCDI believes quality education is:
supported by a coherent philosophy;
theoretically logical;
underpinned by research evidence;
culturally relevant;
valid in practice;
and enjoyable from a learners perspective.
This philosophy is underpinned by holistic, experiential, socio-cultural, socio ecological, student centred, multiple intelligences and Treaty of Waitangi research, theoretical/conceptual and practice-based evidence and scholarly literature.

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