About Us
New Zealand Curriculum Design Institute (NZCDI)

 is the pre-eminent higher education programme designing and

consultancy organisation in the Asia Pacific region.


NZCDI is a New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA)

registered and approved programme owner organisation.

We custom design international quality higher education and business

sector qualifications, programmes, courses and training programmes

for national and international

higher education and business organisations.


We provide governance, strategy and leadership coaching.


NZCDI also provides professional

Education and Business Consultant services in capacity and

research culture development

for our higher education and corporate business sector clients.


We also partner with selected quality higher education providers in New Zealand and other countries,
 to provide our international quality, nationally approved qualifications.


We take full responsibility for the quality, and currency of our programmes and assist those who become our accredited partners to offer our programmes and to grow.

Capacity building services include comprehensive qualification implementation support, continuous improvement quality assurance systems, assessments, moderation, course documents and resource identification, student handbooks, programme regulations, professional tutor-lecturer-educational facilitator induction and professional development short courses, monitoring, review, self-assessment, evaluations, marketing materials, qualification certification, research and ethics system development and advice and a Helpline for the many institutions we partner with.

We undertake ongoing research to ensure the currency and quality of all our qualifications, programmes, courses, training programmes and services.


Why work with us?

All our qualifications and programmes are: 
- nationally approved
-  unique
-  of international quality
-  multi-purpose
-  flexible
-  current
-  fit for purpose
-  highly supported by key stakeholders

and highly effective at achieving planned outcomes.

All the above means your institution will gain a head start.

You will be able to offer high quality qualifications and programmes and know they will achieve the outcomes and graduate profile promised.

We develop your initial marketing materials, design assessments, moderate, locate resources, develop learner programme handbooks, programme regulations, assessments and so on…

Once accredited you can simply start enrolling students.

We also induct and support your staff to implement our programmes.

Follow our advice and your success is assured.

Benefits for you and your organisation

Students look for and enrol in institutions with quality qualifications that will give them the best value for money and life chances. 

Students will seek out the unique, current and enjoyable learning experiences we design.
Our qualifications and programmes will lead to growth in your organisation's reputation, sustainability and business outcomes.

We provide excellent value for money

Our qualifications and programmes stand the test of time;

your staff will not need to spend their time and your money on revisions, updates are just part of the services we provide for you.   
There are no hidden ongoing costs in our contracts.
You will get the qualifications or programmes, quality assurance services and supports you need right first time.


NZCDI can provide ongoing support to organisations it work with.  We can also provide you with customised continually improving quality assurance systems and advice to ensure your qualifications or programmes succeed and achieve targeted outcomes. 

We imagine your business is literally our business and we will provide advice and support your organisation in an ethical, responsible and careful manner that will benefit your students, staff, organisation, external stakeholders and business. 


2.Confidentiality and Privacy:

NZCDI will retain your privacy at all times.
You may choose to talk about us and our services, 
(we hope you will, this is how most clients come to us) 
but we will retain your total privacy.   
We will not disclose that you are our client, the fees you pay, or share any customised advice we provide to you with any other client or party. 
All of our clients are engaged in commercially sensitive projects and it is important you know this professional undertaking will be honoured. 
Please Note: We do not include extensive client endorsements on our website due to the above Confidentiality promise. Such endorsements, however, can however easily be provided should you require these. 


3. Trust

How will you know we can deliver what we say we will?
We are happy to be interviewed, or to provide, in confidence, curriculum vitae, evaluation summaries, and samples of work, or references or referees, for the perusal of any new clients.


Who works for NZCDI?
All our support consultants are required to have the following profile:
- education/teaching and relevant specialist field qualifications;
- years of experience as educators, managers and/or business owners;
- at least a Master’s Degree or PhD;
- Educational Facilitation and/or teaching qualification;
- successful experience in education provider management and/or leadership roles or in the Business sector;
- professional education or business advisory experience and
- a record of successfully conducting and publishing research
and/or publishing educational or business resources.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee ‘Client satisfaction’ with our products, and services and success when our advice is followed.


Our Philosophy

NZCDI believes quality education is:

supported by a coherent philosophy;
theoretically logical;
underpinned by research evidence;
culturally relevant;
valid in practice;
and enjoyable from a learners perspective.
This philosophy is underpinned by holistic, experiential, socio-cultural, socio ecological, student centred, multiple intelligences and Treaty of Waitangi research, theoretical/conceptual and practice-based evidence and scholarly literature.

NZCDI's programmes ‘live’ this philosophy.

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