Business Short Courses

House of Montrose are registered New Zealand Trade and Enterprise trainers and are approved to offer the following business short courses in one-to-one coaching or facilitated group presentation formats. Some clients may be eligible for funding for these courses.

Business Governance Fundamentals

In this day-long workshop you will review the core governance requirements for your business. You will also learn how to identify a governance team to support your business needs, and know it is robust, legally compliant and effective.  This course is essential for Business Owners and Company Directors. 
Key Outcomes: Clarity about your business' Governance requirements.

Business Systems that Work: Customised QMS

Construct a Quality Management System for your business to support productivity, systems efficiency and the achievement of business goals.
Key Outcomes: Development of a comprehensive or selected effective, practical, cost-saving and holistic outcome-supportive quality system that will work for your business quality, goals and clients.

This two day short course supports organisational leaders and those with responsibility
for quality and organisational outcomes in educational institutions to achieve
their objectives. The course provides key understandings of Governance, External
Evaluation and Review processes then introduces the highly effective ‘Montrose
Evaluative Continuous Improvement Model.

Leading Performance Enhancement

Lean Manufacturing/Business Operations

Learn how to implement an integrated and comprehensive ‘Continuous Improvement’ approach in your business Quality Management System so you can accelerate your business growth and outputs.
Key Outcomes: Development of comprehensive business quality management system.

Implementing the Treaty of Waitangi

This course will provide you with a guided introducation to Aotearoa/New Zealand’s history the events and social changes that led to the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, challenge and seek personal  understandings of this important document and events that have occurred in the past before examining how this document relates to your life and work today.

Excellent Customer and Client Service
(2 Day Course)

Learn how to give excellent customer or client service. Examine customer and client expectations, your business manager’s and business owner’s expectations. Learn how to set standards in your own customer or client work setting and how to continually improve these service levels to an international standard. Course includes career and progression or succession planning.

Macro to Micro Business Planning

Vision, Mission, Goal & Objective Formation

Learn how to develop and write high quality and measurable vision, mission, goal and objective statements.
Key Outcomes: Clear and authentic business vision and mission, plus specific goal and objective statements for your business.

Business Strategic & Operational Planning

Construct high quality Strategic and Operational Plans that can move your business forward faster and ensure outcomes can be easily monitored and measured.
Key Outcomes: Comprehensive customised Strategic and Operational plans in an implementable form, development of associated monitoring, measurement and result-recording systems.

SWOT Analysis & follow-up
Action Planning

Participants will learn how to carry out a robust SWOT Analysis, using a unique quadruple bottom line sustainable business framework, and an Action Plan system that will support the achievement of actions that respond to the SWOT analysis.
Key Outcomes: SWOT Analysis Report with an Action Plan system ready for implementation.

Customised Continuous Improvement Business Model

Select a Focus - Customised, Lean, TQM or Baldrige Models: Learn about the continuous model you select and how to implement it in your business to increase outputs, productivity and achievement of your business goals.
Key Outcomes: Customised and measurable Continuous Improvement Approach for your business.

Resource Management Planning

Learn how to identify human resource and capacity development needs.
Key Outcomes: Staff capacity needs will be identified and then developed through measurable programmes for individuals, small or large group needs analyses and capacity building workshops and/or motivating and inspiring individual staff development plans and programmes.

People Capacity Building Options Leadership, Management, and Staff Teams or Individual Staff Member Focus

Learn how to enhance staff effectiveness through a range of human resource enhancement approaches.
Key Outcomes: Staffing challenges relating to Recruitment, Motivation, Performance Appraisals, Incentive Systems, Conflict Resolution/Mediation, Time Management, and Customer Service will be identified and then examined to develop measurable improvements.

Staffing Effectiveness Enhancement Programme

Physical Resource Planning

Learn a holistic framework that will support you to accurately identify the physical resource needs of your business.
Key Outcomes: Physical Resource needs will be identified and then planned and their acquisition implemented in a timely, professional and measurable way to individuals or groups.

One to One Training/Coaching & Mentoring: Hourly rate is $200 plus GST per hour plus travel costs if required.
Prepared and Customised Workshops: As agreed by negotiation.

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