Service Promise


Our Guarantee

We guarantee ‘Client satisfaction’ with our products, and services and success when our advice is followed.

We also promise ethical, confidential and professional services.


1.     Support: 

NZCDI can provide ongoing support to organisations it work with.  We can also provide you with customised continually improving quality assurance systems and advice to ensure your qualifications or programmes succeed and achieve targeted outcomes. 

We imagine your business is literally our business and we will provide advice and support your organisation in an ethical, responsible and careful manner that will benefit your students, staff, organisation, external stakeholders and business. 


2.     Confidentiality and Privacy:

NZCDI will retain your privacy at all times.
You may choose to talk about us and our services, 
(we hope you will, this is how most clients come to us) 
but we will retain your total privacy.   
We will not disclose that you are our client, the fees you pay, or share any customised advice we provide to you with any other client or party. 
All of our clients are engaged in commercially sensitive projects and it is important you know this professional undertaking will be honoured. 
Please Note: We do not include extensive client endorsements on our website due to the above Confidentiality promise. Such endorsements, however, can however easily be provided should you require these. 


3.     Trust

How will you know we can deliver what we say we will?
We are happy to be interviewed, or to provide, in confidence, curriculum vitae, evaluation summaries, and samples of work, or references or referees, for the perusal of any new clients.

4.   Consultants

Who works for NZCDI?
All our support consultants are required to have the following profile:
- education/teaching and relevant specialist field qualifications;
- years of experience as educators, managers and/or business owners;
- at least a Master’s Degree or PhD;
- Educational Facilitation and/or teaching qualification;
- successful experience in education provider management and/or leadership roles or in the Business sector;
- professional education or business advisory experience and
- a record of successfully conducting and publishing research
and/or publishing educational or business resources.