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1. Leading Performance Enhancement

This two day short course supports organisational leaders and those with responsibility
for quality and organisational outcomes in educational institutions to achieve
their objectives. The course provides key understandings of Governance, External
Evaluation and Review processes then introduces the highly effective ‘Montrose
Evaluative Continuous Improvement Model.

Price: $900 incl. GST


2. 8 Keys Pre-Assessment Moderation

This short course examines the 8 keys essential to highly effective internal and external pre-assessment moderation. The keys are introduced, technical aspects examined and best practice identified.

Price: $350 incl. GST



3. 8 Keys Post-Assessment Moderation

This short course examines the 8 keys essential to highly effective internal and external post-assessment moderation. The keys are introduced, technical aspects examined and best practice identified.

Price: $350 incl. GST


4. An Introduction to Curriculum Design and Development

This course will introduce you to the programme components that professional curriculum designers utilise at all programme levels to optimise and accelerate learning.

Price: $350 incl. GST


5. Supporting Learner and staff Achievement Through Holistic Support Model

This course will introduce you to a holistic learner and staff support Model; Whare Tapa Rima -The Five-Sided Home. Implementation of this Model can produce measurable improvements in learning achievements at all educational levels, and in staff well being.

Price: $350 incl. GST


6. Implementing the Treaty of Waitangi

This course will provide you with a guided introducation to Aotearoa/New Zealand’s history the events and social changes that led to the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, challenge and seek personal  understandings of this important document and events that have occurred in the past before examining how this document relates to your life and work today.

Price: $350 incl. GST


7. Improving Your Future: Enhance Governance, Management, Quality and EER Performance
This course supports organisational leaders to implement the comprehensive ‘Montrose Evaluative Continuous Improvement Model’ and to achieve and sustain positive quality and EER outcomes. This Model includes governance to practice level quality management systems, and practices to support advanced level self-assessment, evaluation and continuous improvement practices. This two day workshop is suited to CEOs, senior academic and operational leaders or managers who have responsibility for quality and/or performance outcomes. The course provides advanced level resources and strategies to support leaders, managers, staff and students to contribute effectively and in a united manner to continuous improvements through effective monitoring, review, self-assessment, reflection and evaluation systems, processes and approaches. Move your institute to higher quality levels today.

Price: $990 incl. GST


8. Supporting Student Engagement & Success
This workshop examines proactive approaches teaching staff can use to support new students to achieve at level 5 plus studies in New Zealand. Strategies and approaches shared will systematically increase student engagement. Strategies to support students to learn how to analyse, interpret, plan and implement assessment tasks independently are examined along with the development of essential writing and referencing skills. The practical strategies and approaches experienced are designed to increase student independence and confidence while reducing the need for re-sits and catch ups. This workshop is critical for teaching staff wanting or needing to decrease their workloads.

Price: $350 incl. GST


9. Advanced Assessment Analysis, Designing and Writing
This workshop examines the four major assessment methodologies, quality assessment writing, core assessment elements, requirements and quality indicators.  This is a ‘must attend’ workshop for educators seeking advanced assessment knowledge in order to improve student learning, feedback, feed forward and teaching processes. Guidelines and resources are provided for the design of a range of assessments and fields.

Price: $350 incl. GST


10. Supporting and Supervising Student Projects
This workshop is designed to support teaching staff who have responsibility for supporting and supervising student projects especially at levels 6 plus. Participants in the workshop will examine support and supervision approaches in relation to NZQA level descriptors and associated requirements. The workshop will also examine how to guide students to select projects in order to maximize their value for individual students with a view to accelerating their aspirations. Ethical principles associated with doing and supervising projects will be examined.  

Price: $350 incl. GST


11. Advanced Moderation Systems, Processes and Practices
Advanced practical assessment evaluation principles and processes are examined alongside an in-depth examination  of  current  moderation  terminology,  plus  effective  organisational  processes  and  requirements. Effective practices for professionally leading, managing and planning organizational moderation processes are experienced along with practical ideas and resources to enhance organizational moderation planning and evaluation systems. Learn to analyse your organizational moderation data to improve teaching and learning.

Price: $350 incl. GST


12. Increasing Staff Engagement with a Professional Conduct Code
This workshop is designed for organizational leaders and managers who would like to improve staff engagement, ownership and effectiveness. The workshop examines the NZCDI Professional Honour Code and supports participants to use or develop their own Codes with their staff teams to improve quality and efficiencies in their organisations. The Code provides a framework that supports organizational leaders, managers and staff to thrive and create safe and effective workplaces and environments where learners can excel. 

Price: $350 incl. GST


13. Advanced Authentic Stakeholder Consultation and Engagement
Authentic stakeholder consultation and ongoing engagement are key professional processes which support programme and organisational quality, currency, learner enrolments, employment options and the reputation of an educational institution. This course supports educators, managers and leaders to conduct mutually advantageous and productive consultation and engagement events with diverse cultural & industry groups in an ethical manner.

Price: $350 incl. GST


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