Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who works for the House of Montrose?
House of Montrose employs a number of successful and highly qualified and experienced educators and business people. All our educational facilitators have: a) relevant qualifications and years of experience as professional educational facilitators or teachers, b) extensive successful educator experience; c) experience in higher education or business sector management and/or leadership roles; d) professional educational advisory experience and e) a record of conducting research and f) publishing educational or business resources.
Where do we provide services?
Our qualifications, programmes and consulting services can be provided at any location in New Zealand or overseas.

When do we provide the qualifications and programmes?
We provide the qualifications and programmes on a regular basis, on demand and according to the contractual arrangements we make with our qualification delivery partners and clients.

How do we conduct our services?
House of Montrose consultants carry out all services professionally and with honesty, integrity, and in an ethical, inclusive and culturally sensitive manner at all times.

How much do we charge for our services?
All House of Montrose qualifications, programmes and consulting services can be quoted upon request.

How do you know House of Montrose can deliver?
We are happy to be interviewed, provide (and in confidence), curriculum vitae, evaluation summaries, and samples of work and or references for the perusal of any students, new partners or clients.

How do our learners and partners rate us?
House of Montrose gathers evaluations from our learners and partners on a regular basis. Over ninety-nine percent of our learners and partners rate us as excellent or that they are highly satisfied with the services they contracted us to provide; all other evaluations rate us as at least very good.

What services does House of Montrose provide?
NZCDI's services include providing qualifications, programmes, courses or training, facilitation, teaching and training courses,  student support when requested: quality higher education qualifications and programmes, business courses and training, qualification certification, experienced and expert educators, marketing advice, support, and marketing masters, internal and external pre and post assessment moderation, business advice, strategy advice and planning, staff capacity building, quality academic policy and process support, continuous improvement quality management systems, accreditation, approval, new institution applications and development support, website information academic management and leadership coaching and support, an advice Helpline and so on…