Upcoming Events

Fashion for Freedom 1.jpg

Jane Daniels
is coming to town with her new 2018 Italian Inspired Collection... 
and you could be in the front row.

100% of the proceeds will go to the Waikato Women’s Refuge and Free Research & Educational Equity (FREE) Trust.

Tickets are available through:
Cash purchase from 1/28 Liverpool Street, next door to the Speights Alehouse...

Or by direct payment to:
FREE TRUST (Charitable) 01 0321 0312902 00 (ANZ Bank) Iban No. / Swift Code: ANZBNZ22 

Please note the Ticket Purchaser's Name for Reference

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Call for Papers, Posters & Mini Workshops...

Research and scholarly paper proposals and mini workshops invited.

Submissions required by the 31st July 2018.

All proposals and posters will be blind peer-reviewed. Proposal acceptances will be notified by 15th August 2018. Full research or scholarly papers will be due by the 1st October 2018 if accepted for peer reviewed publication at the conference.

Inquiries and submissions to Trust@nzcdi.ac.nz