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HoM is a New Zealand registered limited liability company which trades as

 House of Montrose Education and Business Consultants 
New Zealand Curriculum Design Institute 

who is a NZQA Registered & Approved Programme Owner.

HoM LTD was founded in 2006 by Susan F. Graham after over thirty years of teaching, management and leadership experience across diverse educational sectors in New Zealand, the United States and England.
Susan founded
HoM LTD with a view meeting the need for international quality qualifications, capacity-building courses, research and consulting services in the higher-tertiary education and business sectors. 
All qualifications and services provided by
HoM LTD are customised to support adult learners and academic personnel capacity-building related to teaching and facilitation, curriculum design, academic management, academic leadership, academic quality asurance and research to achieve business and educational goals.
About the Founder and Chief Executive Director...

Susan F. Stevenson (nee Graham)

Susan F. Stevenson (nee Graham)


DipTchg, HDipTchg, AdDipTchg, CTT, BritScrtDip, DipRec&Sp,   
AISTD (Ball. London), AISTD (Lat. London), MNZFATD (Lat.NZ)
BEd, PGDip Arts (Education), GradDipCD&AL(Hons) and M.Ed

(University of Otago)

Founder and Chief Executive Director

Susan has been successfully engaged in advanced educational, academic and business leadership, facilitation and research activities for over 30 years in New Zealand.  Susan has lead or contributed to numerous quality degree qualification designs or re-development projects and was appointed as an NZQA degree approval and accreditations panellist/chair in 2010.  She has held managerial and leadership roles, in school, museum, private, polytechnic, wananga, pacific island, business and university contexts. Areas of specialist expertise include institutional and staff capacity building, curriculum design and advanced transformational learning by individuals and organisations.

 Consulting work focus is generally on organisational quality development, quality facilitation and learning, curriculum design, effective and continuously improving quality management systems and applied leadership. Susan was been a USA, UNESCO Scholarship Recipient, chaired NZQA Subject Advisory Group, Research and Ethics committees and won awards for her research.  She has held a range of senior management and leadership roles which include; University Staff Developer, Senior Lecturer, Department Head and Research Fellow, specialist Degree Programme Curriculum Advisor/Designer/Developer, NZQA Approvals and Accreditations Advisor, National Academic Manager, company and charitable trust directorships as well as held a variety of professional, research and educational and professional Society’s leadership positions and editorial roles. She is currently the President of the International Higher Education Curriculum Designer & Academic Leadership Society.

Susan founded House of Montrose Limited in 2006, and is now a ‘hands on’ Chief Executive Director of this leading business and education consulting company who trades as ‘NZCDI Business and Education Consultants’ and the highly successful ‘New Zealand Curriculum Design Institute’, a NZQA Registered and Approved Course Owner organisation. 


Graham of Montrose Tartan

History records the exceptional service given by this clan over some 1600 years to secure the political freedom of Scotland from the colonial rule of England over its people and lands. The leadership of the Graham of Montrose clan in this long battle is well documented. The clan made ongoing sacrifices to achieve religious and political freedom.  Known for persevering against all odds to overcome inequities and injustice the clan has suffered much over time.  The clan motto N’Oublie (never forget) draws on the clan's ancient French origins and urges clan members not to forget their history of surviving adversity and the sacrifices made.  It is the intention of the current Board of Directors to continue this clan spirit through the activities and work of HoM LTD Education Consultants and the HoM LTD now NZCDI (this Institute name change occurred in 2010).

HoM LTD was legally incorporated under the Companies Act 1993 on the 7 June 2006.  The company incorporation was filed by the Chief Executive Director’s accountant, at that point in time, John Wilson, Wilson and Associates Limited of Remuera Road, Auckland, New Zealand.

We Value:
Courage, Chivalry and Christian and Community Service to Others
Our Logo
The company logo was inspired by the clan shield and its unique features and characteristics. Below is the original Helen Bruce painting that inspired the company logos.

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